Scientific program

Scientific program

  • Synthesis (of functional materials)
  • Theory and simulation (of functional materials)
  • Electrochemical Properties and Applications (of functional materials)
  • Photonics (of functional materials)
  • Modification/functionalization (of functional materials)



Link to the main hall, which is used for all the talks except flash orals:

Thursday, Octorber 8 Friday, Octorber 9
9.45* Opening Speech
Session 1: Synthesis Session 4: Photonics. I
10.00 Keynote Talk 1: Prof. Alexander Okotrub
Structure of graphitized films formed on the diamond surface under high-temperature annealing
Keynote Talk 9: Prof. Zhipei Sun
Nonlinear Optics with Nanomaterials
10.25 Keynote Talk 2: Prof. Esko Kauppinen
FC-CVD synthesis large diameter CNTs for transparent conductor applications
Keynote Talk 10: Dr. Yury Gladush
Aerosol synthesized carbon nanotube thin films for nonlinear optical applications
10.50 Oral Talk 1: Prof. Vladimir Kuznetsov
Characterization of the distribution of multilayer carbon nanotubes in polymer composites using cyclic measurements of current-voltage characteristics
Oral Talk 9: Dr. Aleksei Emelianov
Individual SWCNT Transistor with Photosensitive Planar Junction Induced by Two-Photon Oxidation
11.05 Oral Talk 2: Mr. Hasaan Butt
The electric resistivity and piezoresistive response of functional carbon nanocomposites
Oral Talk 10: Dr. Dmitry Mitin
Strategies to optimize the optoelectronic performance of patterned single-walled carbon nanotube layers
11.20 Break (25 min)
Session 2: Modelling Flash presentations
11.45 Keynote Talk 3: Prof. Olga Glukhova
Anisotropic electrical conductivity in graphene films with vertically aligned single-walled carbon nanotubes: new advances in mechanisms
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12.10 Keynote Talk 4: Prof. Kari Laasonen
Oxygen evolution reaction on pristine and defective nitrogen-doped carbon nanotubes and graphene
12.35 Oral Talk 3: Dr. Stefan Shcherbinin
Starfish-like phosphorus carbide nanotubes
12:50 Oral Talk 4: Dr. Alexander Kvashnin
Computational search for new high-TC superconductors with subsequent  synthesis 
Q&A session
13:05 Sponsor talk (Swagelok)
13.20 Break/lunch time (80 min)
Session 3: Electrochemistry. I Session 4: Photonics. II
14.40 Keynote Talk 5: Prof. Keith Stevenson
Enhanced Electrocatalytic Activities by Substitutional Tuning of Nickel-based Ruddlesden-Popper Catalysts for the Oxidation of Urea and Small Alcohols
Keynote Talk 11: Prof. Elena Obraztsova
Graphene for laser applications
15.05 Keynote Talk 6: Prof. Carita Kvarnström
Electrochemical synthesis of copolymers containing porphyrine derivatives and their activity towards CO2
Keynote Talk 12:  Prof. Sergey Makarov
Functional Halide Perovskite Nanostructures
15.30 Oral Talk 5: Prof. Bernardo Barbiellini
Positronium emission from materials for Li-ion batteries
Oral Talk 11: Dr. Bakhysh Bairamov
Nanophotonic molecular engineering of functional quantum dots and biomedical structures
15.45 Oral Talk 6: Dr. Stanislav Evlashin
The role of nitrogen and oxygen in the formation capacity of carbon materials
Oral Talk 12: Dr. Dmitry Chermoshentsev
Dimensional confinement and waveguide effect of Dyakonov surface waves in twisted confined media
16.00 Break (25 min)
Session 3: Electrochemistry. II Session 5: Modification/functionalization
16.25 Keynote Talk 7: Prof. Cristina Flox
Nickel-Nitrogen active sites towards selective High-rate CO2-to-formate electroreduction
Keynote Talk 13: Prof. Polina Kuzhir
Macro-, Micro- and Nano-Roughness of Carbon-Based Interface with the Living Cells: Towards a Versatile Bio-Sensing Platform
16.50 Keynote Talk 8: Prof. Jari Koskinen
Development of materials for electrochemical bio-sensing
Keynote Talk 14: Prof. Ayrat Dimiev
Polymer composites, comprising single-atomic-layer graphenic inclusions. Preparation, structure and properties
17.15 Oral Talk 7: Prof. Stanislav Fedotov
Defects in olivine-type cathode materials for Li-ion batteries
Oral Talk 13: Prof. Boris Gorshunov
H2O molecule in nano-space
17.30 Oral Talk 8: Dr. Muhammad Asghar
Ceramic fuel cell fabrication trend from conventional methods to digital printing
Oral Talk 14: Prof. Markus Ahlskog
Surface characteristics control the attachment and functionality of (chimeric) avidin
17.45 Closing remarks

*Helsinki/Moscow time

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Time Flash session #1: Synthesis of materials
Chairs: A. Nasibulin, D. Krasnikov
Flash session #2 :Physics of materials
Chairs: D. Kopylova, Yu. Gladush
Flash session #3: Chemistry of materials
Chairs: F. Fedorov, A. Goldt, E. Fedorovskaya
11:45 Alisa Shaikhulova
High-yield synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotube films for targeted applications
Vasilii Vasilchenko
Polarons in Two-dimensional Pnictogens: DFT Study
Anna Iurchenkova
Electrochemical behaviour of thermally reduced graphite oxide in Li-ion batteries
11:51 Ilya Novikov
Residence time as a tool for optimization of aerosol CVD synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Nikita Gudkov
Parametric modelling of electric percolation and conductivity of carbon nanotubes nanocomposite
Vasily Artemov
Electrodynamic properties of low-dimensional water
11:57 Alexey Zavorin
Topochemical transformations in MWCNTs-Si composites at high temperatures
Aram Mckrtchyan
Pulse switchable fiber laser based on ionic liquid gated carbon nanotube saturable absorber
Ahaliabadeh Zahra
Enhanced electrochemical performance of TiO2 modified LiNi0.6Co0.2Mn0.2O2 cathode material via atomic layer deposition
12:03 Elena Shlyakhova
Nitrogen –doped porous carbon obtained by precipitation of acetonitrile vapors on template C-CaO nanoparticles for electrochemical applications
Denis Zhigunov
Enhanced imaging of single Si nanoparticles using non-reflective SWCNT membranes
Andrey Shevtsov
Protective spinel coating for Li1.17Ni0.17Mn0.50Co0.17O2 cathode for Li-ion batteries through single-source precursor approach
12:09 Maksim Vladimirovich Lomakin
Preparation of carbon nanotube fibers by folding the randomly oriented SWCNT films
Ivan Komarov
Low cost lasers as suitable instrument for graphene oxide thin film modification
Natrah Shafiqah Rosli
Composites nano-titania graphite for photocatalytic and antibacterial activities
12:15 Dharshini Perumal
Green synthesis of reduced graphene oxide for biomedical applications
Tigran Prazyan
Optical Properties Of Carbon Nanodots Obtained From The Kuzbass Basin Coals
Anna Vorfolomeeva
Phosphorus-filled single-walled carbon nanotubes: synthesis, characterization and electrochemical properties
12:21 Svetlana Stolyarova
Thermal shock as a new approach for the synthesis of porous MoS2
Alexandr Parfenov
Influence of allotropy of carbon nanostructures on tribological and rheological processes in plastic lubricants
Anna Kobets
Li-ion batteries with negative electrodes made of reduced graphite oxide
12:27 Maria Vikulova
Preparation of functional carbon coatings on the surface of hollandite-like ceramics with composition of K1.53(Сu0.76Ti7.24)O16
Konstantin A Motovilov
Copper (2+) ions decrease conductivity of melanin in both bulk and film forms
P. Murali Krishna / Gurdeep Rattu
Polyacrylic acid modified cerium oxide nanoparticles for non-enzymatic H2O2 Sensor
12:33 Siti Nadiah Zulkifli
Synthesis, Characterization and Toxicity Studies Of Gold Nanoparticles For Biomedical Applications
Nikita Nekrasov
Toxin detection through graphene Dirac point shift tracking
Julia Bondareva
Naphthyl – functionalized dendrimers can regulate surface properties of materials
12:39 Ashreen Norman
Green Synthesis Approach to Produce Luminescent Nanoparticles from Agricultural Waste and their potential biomedical application
Vladislav Andryushkin
Investigation of structural and optical properties of three-dimensional InGaPAs islands
Dmitrii Stolbov
N-doped graphene nanoflakes for catalysis and tribology
12:45 Javier Antonio Ramirez Benavides
Synthesis of core shell Nano magnets with size tailoring by aerosol CVD
Abinash Das
Visible light driven photocatalytic performance of Ag modified ZnO nanorod through effective charge carrier separation
Anna Vershinina
The influence of chlorine and chloroauric acid treatment on electromechanical properties of SWCNT fibers
12:51 Tatiana Abakumova
Prussian-blue lipid nanoparticles for effective siRNA delivery to liver
Asmaa Gamal Ahmed
Terahertz-infrared excitations in the Ba0.2Pb0.8Al1.2Fe10.8O19 single crystal
Daniil A. Ilatovskii
Stable doping of carbon nanotubes by V2O5 using fast sol-gel method
12:57 Emmellie Laura Albert
Toxicity evaluation of Herbs based Carbon Dots using Artemia Salina Cyst and its three larval stage
Vladislav Nikolaevich Mironyuk
Dependence of frequency-capacitance curves for the «Air – Langmuir Monolayer – Water» system on the colloid solution amount spread out the water surface
Yury Panasenko
Flexible supercapacitors based on free-standing films of polyaniline/single-walled carbon nanotube composites
13:03 Che Azurahanim Che Abdullah
Fabrication of magnetic graphene oxide and its developmental toxicity to Artemia Salina Cyst and its three larval stage
Dmitry Khudyakov
Nonlinear optical absorption in lead halide perovskite thin films
Durga Sankar Vavilapalli
Multifunctional brownmillerites for efficient energy harvesting and storage applications
13:10 Muhammad Azri Muhamad Yusop
Biogenic synthesis of titanium dioxide: its composite with iron oxide and their potential biomedical application
Gee Een Lau
Eco-Friendly Photocatalysts for Degradation of Dyes
Anton Vorobei
Deagglomeration of carbon nanotubes via rapid expansion of supercritical suspensions